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Always Going: I went here, there and everywhere, like a tumbleweed blowing. Always going, somewhere!

Things I Love & Learnt About Always Going by Gwen E. Campbell eBook

No house, no town, no part of the country could ever lay claim to me.” Gwen Campbell says, and this is her beautifully written memoir. This is the story of her travels as a young girl, alongside her mother, during the unpretentious days of the 1930’s and 40’s. You will follow her through the small, dusty towns of southwest Texas, Oklahoma and California, and you will discover how young Gwen learned to think of people not places as her home.

I enjoyed the book greatly…Gwen writes with warmth and humor and the story is touching and inspiring.

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About the Author

2Gwen E Campbell 1933-2011During her almost 80 years of life, Gwen was an avid reader who, by the age of nine, realized that she was going to be author. Later in her adult life she went on to write twenty fictional books, a book of short stories and poems, several children’s books, and two dozen genealogical books.Before she wrote her first fictional book in 1983, she had spent twenty years as an accomplished weaver, spinner, and quilter.Her daughter Alexis Campbell Jansky and her son-in-law Richard Jansky are responsible for editing and publishing all her written works.
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