A Warrior’s Redemption by Guy S. Stanton III eBook Review #promotion #review


A Warrior’s Redemption by Guy S. Stanton III

Things I Love & Learnt About A Warrior’s Redemption by Guy S. Stanton III

A Warrior’s Redemption is the tale of one man’s journey  from being a slave to becoming a warrior, who changes the fate of an entire world. This is the beginning (Book One) of an epic fantasy saga that will include five books. I enjoyed this book and I am ready to read to next books in the series… The plot will not disappoint you and the story will take you through intrigue, honor, passion and the hope of redemption. The writing is beautiful and artistically descriptive…

The story follows Roric, the main character, as he becomes a man and then a leader and eventually a legend. Roric rises above his humble past, escapes the gladiator arenas and becomes a leader of the people he freed… His fight for survival inspires a nation and Roric becomes a Legend

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 About the Author

2I’m a dreamer, a poet, a lover, a husband, a father, and a man of God. I’m inspired by what I’ve seen and what I’ve read, but what I create with my words is where I dream. I pray for inspiration, and I enjoy what I have written just as I hope that others will as well. I’m a quiet man on the outside, but writing has become the playground of my soul to express itself in the grandeur of the created worlds and tales that I have been fortunate enough to dream of. The best way to find out more about me is to read my books. I write from the heart and I express both my shortcomings and my triumphs. I like to think of my writing as ‘Reality Fiction’. I tell it like I see it. Life is short and the troubles many, but with faith in Jesus Christ all things have become possible to me. I may write ‘make believe’, but I strive to live out what I write. I enjoy my work and I hope you do too. Have a blessed time reading my imaginative thoughts. Sincerely, Guy III

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