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The Hunt (Thriller / Mystery) by Sophia Grace

Things I Love & Learnt About The Hunt by Sophia Grace

The Hunt by Sophia Grace is a short thriller mystery book that has not been disappointing… This is a book about revenge and its deadly game…Jack overhears a conversation about Nazis killings during World War II and he becomes obsessed with tracking down the murderers. He embarks on this journey by going undercover in a German chatroom of Nazis that were active decades ago. His mission is to eliminate each one of them…one by one…The mysterious NH-Group is Jack’s ally and together they slowly hunt down every war criminal…

This is a short book and a quick read, however, this doesn’t take away from its creative beauty…Sophia Grace weaved a good plot and strong characters that will have your attention…Give it a try!!

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About the Author

2Sophia Grace love to write. She writes the bestselling mystery and detective mystery/thriller.
Sophia resides in North Carolina, Durham, where many of her places are the source for her places in her books. She’s also the founder of Housing Help, a charity dedicated to keeping families from becoming homeless.
When not writing, she enjoys reading, music, stand up comedy, cycling, social networking, and attending mystery conferences.Visit her website:

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