ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag Review #ShowerMade #Review


ShowerMade Shower Tote

ShowerMade Shower Tote – The Strongest Quick Dry Bag for all your Washroom Accessories – Perfect Hanging Caddy for College, Dorm or Gym


Things I Love & Learnt About the ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag

  1. If you often store you toiletries in those plastic beauty bags, you probably deal with mold spots and mildew… The ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag solved this problem… This is a tote bag that is breathable and just as convenient as the other regular bags… I use it as a bath toy organizer for now and it perfectly does its job… It keeps the toys out of sight and dry
  2. This tote bag is quite versatile…it is great for your home, college, gym, camping and for when you travel
  3. It is made from heavy duty mesh that is double stitched and covered at the seams to make sure there is no ripping or fraying…It looks really well made and sturdy 🙂 The mesh is quick drying and breathable so no mold can grow inside the bag or on its contents
  4. The bag will not flop over when empty and it easily folds flat to travel or storage…
  5. It has 3 different sizes of pockets to fit large or small toiletries
  6. The tote bath comes with an extra long 20″ reinforced handle to make carrying easier…You can also use the handle to hang it on a hook or faucet…
  7. It comes with a FREE Bath Sponge 🙂


Check it out 🙂

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