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Vanabode: travel and live forever on $20 a day


Things I Love & Learnt About Vanabode – Travel Forever on $20 a Day

This is quite an interesting travel book…IT claims that it will show you how to travel and live forever anywhere in the United States on $20 a day. I was a little skeptical at first but, yes, author Jason Odom and his wife Kelly have traveled over 700,000 miles in 15 years perfecting the lifestyle…So, yes, after reading the book…it is possible!!

Vanabode shows you how to earn a living, how to sleep safely, how to eat better than you ever have, how to cook for free without electricity, fire or fuel; how to get rid of all our current debt and regain your freedom; and how you can do it forever…

This book has lots of details and pictures and a lot of information to help you survive out there on only $20 a day…The guys in the family love it…Even if you don’t plan on living in a van, this book is still a treasure for the wealth of information it contains and for its survival tips and techniques 🙂

You can buy the book in Paperback format, eBook and even Audio…I also Encourage you to go check their website for more info:


Check it out 🙂

About the Author

Jason Odom and his wife Kelly have road traveled over 700,000 miles photographing and exploring the greatest places in the United States. Jason created a new system of travel that would afford anyone the ability to go anywhere, stay as long as they want, and only spend $20 a day on food, lodging, and transportation. He released the first version of Vanabode in 2010 and continues to update and upgrade the website supported book, philosophy and strategies employed in this unique method of travel. In 2011 Jason was awarded an official Trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the term “Vanabode”. In 2013 he published the THIRD EDITION with 60% more pictures and 22% more content

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