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Great Low Carb Bread Company Breads are great tasting and only 1 net carb per 1 oz slice!!

Great Low Carb Bread Co. – Plain – 1 Loaf

Multigrain Bread


Things I Love & Learnt About the Great Low Carb Bread Company and their products

Most people that are following a low carb diet miss eating bread and bread products 🙂 I Do…I miss more than bread, I miss the pretzels, the bagels…There are lots of special low-carb breads sold in stores, but usually the bread is not edible… It is quite difficult to find good tasting low carb bread products…

The Great Low Carb Bread Company is amazing!! Somehow these guys managed to create delicious and great tasting low carb products such as: breads, bagels, pretzels, and several more… I had the opportunity to try their breads and bagels and I am impressed. They were delivered straight to my door, neatly packed and still frozen… As soon as I toasted the first sesame bagel I knew that this is it!! It tasted like a sesame bagel…a good one, too. The plain bagels are just as delicious, only 2 net carbs per bagel and only 65 Calories!!

The Great Low Carb Bread Company breads are great tasting, with only 1 net carb per 1 oz slice…The Cinnamon Bread is delicious by itself and great toasted with some peanut butter on it….The plain bread is nice, too. The bread is not chewy or dry like other low carb breads, it actually has a great texture…



You can order their low carb creations on their Website @ and even on Amazon


Check it out 🙂

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂

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