AYL 3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base Review #LEDflashlight #Review


AYL 3-in-1 LED Vehicle Emergency Flashlight

High-Lumen 100,000 Hour CREE Torch with Powerful MAGNETIZED BASE.

Peace of Mind During Blackouts and Emergencies!


Things I Love & Learnt About the AYL 3-in-1 LED Vehicle Emergency Flashlight

  1. The AYL 3-in-1 LED Vehicle Emergency Flashlight is a very cool product. It has a rugged, high quality military-grade design that makes it sturdy and versatile. You can use in cars, bikes, home, boats, etc…It is very leightweight, small and compact so you can easily store it in the glove compartment, the car side door, in between seats, in a purse, or hanged on your backpack….
  2. The body of the flashlight is made from weather resistant, industrial grade anodized Aluminum
  3. It has a total of 29 LEDS (18 white LEDs and 11 red LED).  The bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours and it is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)…
  4. The AYL LED Car Flashlight has a really cool feature – a magnetic base that allows you to stuck it on any metallic surface…
  5. It comes with 3 light options: Cree, White, and flashing Red LED!!
  6. It is really easy to use…1st click turns the CREE LED, 2nd click lights-up the 18 white LED, and the 3rd click turns on the 11 RED LEDs.  :)
  7. It comes with Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty and First Class Customer Service :)


Check it out 🙂

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