Idisina: The Black Rider by Daniela Giulia Traub and Ortal Maria Tiurin Review #promotion #review


Idisina: The Black Rider (Fantasy Novel)

Things I Love & Learnt About Idisina: The Black Rider (Fantasy Novel)

I don’t particularly like fantasy novels, however, Idisina: The Black Rider (Fantasy Novel) is more than just a fantasy little novel…This is a beautifully written novel… It has a very good plot, intriguing characters, fantasy, and a very rich language…Idisina is a fantastical land ruled by women. This is a magical world full of magical creatures, love, romance, betrayal, sadness, and loss…And, this is its story…the battle between the sexes and the struggle over ideology, power, and religion…

I enjoyed the book a lot…an excellent read 🙂


Check it out 🙂

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