Dance Classes Starter Kit (4 DVDs) by DanceCrazy Review #dancelessons #review


Dance Lessons Starter Kit – Swing Dancing, Salsa Classes, Merengue & Bachata (4 DVDs)

9 Things I Love & Learnt About the Dance Lessons Starter Kit from DanceCrazy

  1. I highly recommend it :) Yes, it is so much fun and in a matter of a days you will become a great salsa, swing, merengue, and bachata dancer. In a week, I was already more confident and I was feeling great about my dancing skills! No experience is required to take up this challenge! Everybody in the family, from the youngest to the oldest, are having hours of fun practicing…
  2. This set will give you +8 hours of Dancing instruction, packed into 4 DVDs…This is the closest you will get to a real dance class…The quality of the audio and video is excellent and the instructions are clear for both leaders and followers
  3. The instructors demonstrate the moves from different angles so you can see what going on with the arms and legs from different camera angles
  4. Picture in picture and music to practice each and every pattern add greatly to the instructional value of this DVD set
  5. In Volume 1 you will learn Salsa – the hottest Latin dance in clubs :)
  6. Volume 2 will get you started in the basics of Swing Dancing
  7. In Volume 3 you get to practice a fast, fun, and easy to learn dance: Merengue
  8. Volume 4 will introduce you to one of the newest club dance that is very fun and easy to learn – Bachata…
  9. I encourage you to give it a try because this course covers everything you need to know about these four Latin dances at a decent price !!! It is also a lot  of FUN!!


Check it out 🙂

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