The Best Advice a Tubby Turtle Can Get eBook by Ayala Raz Review #promotion #review


The Best Advice a Tubby Turtle Can Get by Ayala Raz

Things I Love & Learnt About The Best Advice a Tubby Turtle Can Get by Ayala Raz eBook

This is such a cute book for the little ones…This is a story about Toby, a cute, bright turtle, who loves to eat everything…He eats so much that he becomes so fat that his shell no longer fits his body…His mom calls for experts from everywhere to advise and support the little turtle to loose weight. Each one shows up with all kinds of solutions; however, nothing works for Toby the Turtle 🙂

Just as Toby was giving up hope, he meets a wise old turtle who gives him a different kind of advise… and it works…This is the part where children learn that there are no easy solutions to real problems and that the right way is not always the easiest…
At the end of the story you are going to find some fun food recipes for children, also. Each recipe is not only easy to make, it is healthy also…

I enjoyed the book and the kids absolutely loved it. This is a good motivational book especially if you have a child with weight issues…The illustrations are cute and they complement the story very well!!! The story is fun and inspiring, the characters are interesting, and the language is simple and easy to comprehend…


Check it out 🙂



Ayala Raz is a historian and researcher of twentieth century fashion with unique knowledge of Israeli fashion.
She is the author of the comprehensive book on Israeli fashion ‘Changing Styles- Hundred Years of Fashion in Israel’ (Yediot Aharonot, Tel-Aviv, 1996) which is considered the best written book about this topic.
Based on her exper3tise, she has contributed numerous articles to local and international periodicals on Israeli fashion
In 2008 she started designing Art- Jewelry, which was exhibited at leading galleries in Israel, The Netherlands and Germany.
She represented the Israeli Jewelry at the competition ‘True Colors’ in Amsterdam (2010).
For her achievements she was granted honorable membership by the Israeli Fashion and Textile Association (2010).
She is currently writing children books. Two of them were published, in English, by Amazon: ‘The Colorful Adventure of Tollie the Turtle’ and ‘The Best Advice a Tubby Turtle Can Get’. Each of these stories teaches an essential lesson about life.

Her blog: http:// deals with Israeli fashion and art issues.

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