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Immunity… zap – Natural Herbal Supplement, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

9 Things I Love & Learnt About the BioTerra Herbs Zap Immunity Herbal Supplement

  1. The BioTerra Herbs Zap Immunity Herbal Supplement is a specially designed natural supplement to help boost your immune system and its response to attacks from pathogens!
  2. Zap contains Astragalus root which has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine…This is a powerful adaptogenic herb and is known to support healthy immune function…
  3. It also has Bai-zhu Atractylodes. These have been used for hundreds of years to strengthen the body, boost immune function, regulate stomach and digestive functions, promote absorption, induce urination and relieve edema…
  4. You can also find Siler root in this product. Siler root has been used to treat cold-related headaches and body aches, diarrhea, chills and tremors. It has also been used as a remedy for tetanus, lockjaw and general convulsions…
  5. Zap combines these three ingredients mentioned above in a 100% natural, gluten free and vegan supplement that is safe to use. I have been taking without any side effects…No colds or the flu so far last year or this year, so maybe it is working 🙂
  6. You need to take 2 capsules after a meal once per day. The capsules are small and easy to swallow
  7. One bottle will last you 30 days of treatment…
  8. It is made in the USA, yes, a great way to support our business owners!!!
  9. It comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service :)


Check it out 🙂

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