Sy Goldman and The Case of The Beantown Butcher by Timothy Brennan eBook Review #Goldman #Review


Sy Goldman and The Case of The Beantown Butcher by Timothy Peter Brennan


Things I Love & Learnt About Sy Goldman and The Case of The Beantown Butcher by Timothy Peter Brennan

This is a good mystery book that is fun, intriguing and fascinating. This is the story of Sy Goldman,  his roommate Alexey, and the mystery of their friend Murray’s suicide… Sy, we come to find out, used to live a boring life in Brooklyn, selling suits, so he decides to spend his golden years in beautiful Santa Monica…However, little did he know that what was supposed to be a laid back, relaxing time of his life, suddenly changes into an action packed adventure…Sy is convinced that his friend, Murray, will not commit suicide under no circumstances, so he takes up the challenge to prove everybody wrong…This is how, our little 79 years old man suddenly becomes the Hero, and you cannot help but root for him and love him…

The story is written in first person, as a testament to his 6 week old great grandson, Matthew…I love reading first person stories because everything and everybody feels so much more intimate… The characters are well written and have a lot of substance, and the story itself is a page turner. Well written and intriguing, I recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery books 🙂


Check it out 🙂


About the Author

1Timothy Brennan has written for a few TV shows you don’t remember, and has written many unproduced screenplays, he likes prosciutto and cheese sandwiches, cats, and the ocean.”Sy Goldman and The Case of The Beantown Butcher” is his first Novel, in what he hopes will be a series featuring the characters. So buy it, and tell your friends about it, so he has a good excuse to write more of them.

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