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Tea with the Queen by Chrissi Hart

When mice turn 100 years old (in mouse-years, of course) they get to visit the Queen of England. When Charlie journeys across the countryside for his grandmother’s visit, he discovers that even little creatures can have big adventures…

Things I Love & Learnt About Tea with the Queen by Chrissi Hart

This is such a cute and fun book for the little ones…Well, apparently when a mouse turns 100 years old, he gets invited to have tea with the queen in London… and they are also allowed to bring to guests with them 🙂 When Harriet, a mouse, of course, turned 100 years old, she decided to take her husband, Arthur, and her grandson, Charlie with her to have tea with the Queen…So they all rode all the way to London on the back of Percy, their flying goose…

From here on, Chrissi Hart will take the little ones on a fun and interesting adventure…my youngest daughter loved having the book read to her…The words are easy and the illustrations are beautiful…This book is now one of her favorite bedtime stories 🙂


Check it out 🙂

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