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Salsa Dancing Lessons, Beginners Salsa 3 Pack DVD SET: Salsa Dance Lessons (3 DVDs)


Things I Love & Learnt About the Beginners Salsa 3 Pack DVD SET by SalsaCrazy.com

I love dancing…everybody in the family loves dancing just as much, some a lot more… :) Salsa Dancing Lessons, Step by Step DVD Set will teach you everything you need to know about Salsa. Yes, dancing Salsa is fun, social, and a passion that will last you a lifetime! Salsa is not only FUN, when you start dancing salsa you will also start seeing and feeling its benefits to your health, fitness, coordination, and lifestyle 🙂

This 3 DVD instructional videos set by SalsaCrazy will help you understand this amazing dance…Each DVD will slowly take you from basic concepts to more complex ones so you can become a great dancer…The instructors are amazing and very good…First, they slowly demonstrate the steps, one movement at a time, and then they repeat the figures over and over to give you enough time to get used to the movement…The music is fun and the dance will give you a great workout. By the end of the third DVD in the series, you will be surprised to realize that you are dancing like the pros.

The DVD Set feature 2 hours of instructional videos on each DVD, picture in picture and close up camera angles. I highly recommend it 🙂


Check it out 🙂

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