Love Trap: Contemporary Woman’s Novel by Amnon Jackont eBook Review #LoveTrap #Review


Love Trap by Amnon Jackont

Love Trap is a fascinating and unconventional story about lies, friendship and love. It occurs in the dark and mysterious domain, between reality and distortion, created by fear and hope.

Things I Love & Learnt About Love Trap by Amnon Jackont

Love Trap by Amnon Jackout is a intriguing contemporary mystery that will take you in a world of love, deceptions, lies, and friendships…Daphne Bernstein is a medical doctor that did time in prison after a poor decision back in USA. Even after doing 2 years in prison, she still cannot practice medicine at least for another 8 years. Eventually she ends up in Jerusalem with her daughter Tali in tow, desperate to rebuild her life 🙂 Here, she gets a job with “Doctors for Humanitarian Cause” and she happily starts being a doctor again…Here, in an ancient building, in the middle of a stormy winter, Daphne meets an alienated man and an ambiguous co-worker, who are both hiding a secret with heavy consequence…

Love Trap is a fascinating story with a good plot and memorable characters…it is a page turner and I cannot wait to read more stories from Amnon Jackont…


Check it out 🙂


About the Author

2Amnon Jackont was born in 1948 and grew up in Ramat Gan, Israel. He was a well-mannered boy from a family with a European lifestyle. He slowly learned that in order to survive among Israeli children, he would have to use his fists. Since he was large and very strong, he also quickly learned self-control, so he wouldn’t cause any harm. He took up boxing as a hobby, and during his summer vacations he worked in construction. Before he was inducted into the IDF he worked for an oil company, where his job was to open and close the huge valves that allowed crude oil to flow from tankers. He joined the IDF and was wounded while serving in unknown places, which continue to provide him with material for his books. His first injury occurred when an anti-personnel mine caused a flat tire to the truck he was riding in. The truck overturned and he awoke with a fridge on his back. Four years later he was wounded again, this time in a hostile country, where he was rescued from after quite some time. Jackont was involved in business for many years (mainly in insurance, securities and real estate), along with his diverse literary activities. He has written eight novels, a collection of short stories, a financial-documentary book, and the biography of a Mossad leader. All of his works were best sellers and some were translated into foreign languages, including Chinese and Japanese. In addition, he has edited approximately 200 books of various kinds – from thrillers, to history and philosophy books.

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