Reach it Grab it – reacher grabber pick stick Review #reachitgrabit #review


Reacher Grabber Tool – Highest Quality, Lightweight & Durable Mobility Aid

The secret to eliminating hand, arm, back and knee strain… 
Finding it a struggle to reach, stretch and bend? If simple tasks are no longer so easy Reach it Grab it is the perfect solution. It’s firm and accurate grip, allows you to pick almost anything, in fact its so accurate it can pick up a cent!


Things I Love & Learnt About the Reacher Grabber – ‘Reach It Grab It’ Tool

  1. ‘Reach it Grab it’ is the perfect grabber and reacher tool 🙂 It has a very accurate grip and it is very very leightweight
  2. You can pick almost anything with it…it has a firm grip and non-slip jaws and it is so accurate that it can pick up a cent!
  3. It comes with rubber claws which will stop items getting damaged
  4. The reacher tool is very easy to use… It is perfect for the old and young and it comes with an ergonomically designed trigger
  5. It will improves quality of life for people that have a hard time moving around and reaching for stuff… Picking up objects in tight spaces can be difficult even if you have no limitations…The ‘Reach it Grab it’ has a swivel head that offers a full 90 degree turning angle so you can get in difficult to reach places :)
  6. It is made from high grade aluminium so it won’t rust. You can use it outdoors to clean ponds and for litter picking without ever having to worry that it will rust 🙂
  7. It comes with First Class Customer Service :)


Check it out 🙂

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