First Contact: A.M.P. Phase 1: The Gamma Project by Brian K. Larson #review #ampreview


First Contact: A.M.P. Phase 1: The Gamma Project by Brian K. Larson

This is an awesome science fiction techno thriller that will entertain you and capture your attention easily if you are looking for a good Sci Fi story and memorable characters  🙂 This is a story about a bio organic technology that The Salvage-5 crew discovered buried inside an asteroid. This biotechnology that the crew brought back to Earth can be implanted in a host’s brain and as long as it is charged it gives the user very unique abilities…What at first seemed harmless and beneficial, however, slowly changed into something sinister…there is something unorthodox behind the technology…

This is book 1 of what is to become eventually a series… Brian K. Larson delivers a great story, intriguing technologies, and characters you fall in love with…This is a great read 🙂


Buy it 🙂


About the Author


Brian was born and raised in Seattle in 1959. He grew up in the town of Mount Lake Terrace, a small suburb north of the city. Brian, being the youngest, had two siblings, his eldest brother, Mike and sister, Pam. School was challenging, as Brian suffers with Dyslexia, a learning disability that affects 1 in 15 Americans. But that didn’t stop Brian, as he was nicknamed “bookworm” in school because he always had his nose in a book.

Brian received his MBA in 2010 in Business, and is now a full time author, living his lifelong dream of writing science fiction books. He enjoys his off time, being married to his seventh grade sweetheart, Diana Rose now for fourteen years. She has been by his side, and continues to supports his writing. Brian says that without her encouragement, his dream would never have become a reality. They now live in Marysville, Washington, and enjoy three wonderful kids and six grandchildren. They range from ages three years all the way up to nearly thirteen. Jacob who is the eldest, Amanda, Donita, Carmela, Adam, and Ariyah, and he says they are so special and great to have around.

It is Brian’s hope that through his writing he will fill hearts with joy to readers all over the world, and spark their imaginations.

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