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Nonnie and I by Savannah Hendricks

A young girl is afraid that her first day of school will mean leaving her best friend behind. Nonnie (a giraffe) may not seem like a typical best friend, but to one little girl in Africa, she’s absolutely perfect.

Things I Love & Learnt About Nonnie and I by Savannah Hendricks eBook

Nonnie and I  by Savannah Hendricks and illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin is a very cute and uplifting story of a little girl and her pet giraffe Nonnie, the giraffe she doesn’t want to leave behind and alone when she goes to school… This book will take your little ones on an amazing adventure in the heart of Africa…

The story is well written and the illustrations are gorgeous and go very well with the entire story. My daughter is loving this book and i one of her favorites now…Highly recommended!


Check it out 🙂


2Savannah Hendricks writes stories that focus on positive and uplifting hidden messages that leave readers looking forward to her next one. Her stories have been included in numerous magazines such as Highlights High Five, Fantasy Scroll Magazine, Red Squirrel (红松鼠), Stories for Children Magazine, Kid’s Imagination Train, and Hollins.

She has worked as a nanny, with special needs preschoolers, and as a social worker. She holds degrees in early childhood education and criminal justice/criminology.

Savannah loves to write everything from children’s stories to adult fiction. She has been a member of the SCBWI since 2006

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