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Quality Expandable Hose 75 Feet Green, No Kinking, Flexible, Lightweight, and Super Strong

THIS QUALITY EXPANDABLE HOSE Starts out at 25 Feet, Hook it up to Water Pressure and it Will Grow to 75 Feet. When Finished Allow the Water to Drain From the Hose and it Will Return to 25 Feet For Easy Storage.


Things I Love & Learnt About the Expandable Hose by Quality Source Products

  1. I love expandable hoses and the Expandable Hose by Quality Source Products is one the best.
  2. It starts out at 25 Feet but once you fill it up with water it will expand to 75 feet. When finished using it, the hose will shrink back to its initial length.
  3. I am not a big person and a regular 75 foot hose is quite hard for me to handle and move around so I love it that this hose is so lightweight and kink free also 🙂
  4. When you are not using this hose you can easily store it in a bucket or on a shelf.
  5. The expandable hose is made to withstand 100 PSI Working Pressure and 300-PSI Burst Pressure…
  6. In case you do get a hole in this hose…you can unscrew the ends, cut off the broken hose, and then attach the ends again…
  7. In case 75 feet is not enough length you can easily connect as many hoses together as needed!!!
  8. The Expandable Hose by Quality Source Products comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee For A Risk Free Buying Experience :)


Check it out for yourself :)

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