Majestic Bombay Dental Sickle Scaler, Anterior, Towner-jacquette Review #hollow #review


Majestic Bombay Dental Sickle Scaler, Anterior, Towner-jacquette

Sharp cutting edges; Used to remove calculus and plaque
Tips made with highest grade stainless steel
Light weight, ergonomically designed non-slip Autoclavable light weight handle

Things I Love & Learnt About the Majestic Bombay Dental Sickle Scaler

I am so glad that I can buy a professional dental sickle scaler for home use. This tool is basically what the dentist uses to clean your teeth when you go in for cleanings. Without dental insurance, having your teeth cleaned gets quite expensive so this little tool here saves me a few trips to the dentist.

It has very sharp cutting edges and it removes calculus and plaque without any effort. The tips are made from very high quality stainless steel and the tool is very leightweight. The handle has a non-slip surface for better grip and is ergonomic making the whole thing really easy to handle.  I personally love this tool…It gets in between my teeth really well and it does a great job at cleaning my teeth.


Check it out 🙂

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