Animal Family Portraits by Becky Lam eBook Review #afportraits #review


Animal Family Portraits by Becky Lam

What happens when you mix a polar bear and a black bear? A panda bear, of course!

An explorer has recorded some strange animal families in this wacky illustrated photo album by Becky Lam.

While the family portraits may not be, ahem, scientifically accurate, kids will love this playful and imaginative approach to families of all types


Things I Love & Learnt About the Animal Family Portraits by Becky Lam eBook

This is one of the cutest books I have put my hands on in a very long time. My children and I have have read this book many times and each time it was a hit.

The idea behind this book is simple…What happens when you mix a certain animal with another kind of animal? Page after page you get to discover animal family portraits like you never imagined…This is a wacky photo album…I for one got multiple laughs from the many silly combinations and families of animals! A very fun and creative book!!


Check it out 🙂


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