Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door Review #magneticscreendoor #review

1 Magnetic Screen Door – Mega Mesh -Heavy Duty Construction

Mega Mesh is the best quality magnetic screen door by Easy Install  2

9 Things I Love & Learnt About the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door

  1. I highly recommend it :) THE Mega Mesh screen door is a very high quality magnetic screen door by Easy Install. It looks like it is made of very strong material so it should last a long time and withstand heavy traffic
  2. There are no tools needed to install this screen door. SIZE 36″x83″ – FITS DOOR UP TO 34″x82″ MAX
  3. MegaMesh uses 26 strong magnetic points of contact so it opens and closes automatically… I love this hands free entry!!!
  4. Your pets will learn to use the magnetic screen door in minutes, so no getting up and down to let them in and out.
  5. It has reinforced edges for strength and durability :)
  6. It comes with high performance velcro and tacks to keep the mesh up
  7. The mesh holes are so tiny that even the smallest bugs will be kept out :)
  8. This is a cheap and easy way to economically cool your home and to protect your home from instects!!!
  9. It comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service :)


Check it out 🙂


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