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Outskirts of Vision (Volume 1) by Nir Levie

“Outskirts of Vision” is a thrilling ride through an apocalyptic world, told through the eyes of an architect. This graphic novel is very well conceived, written, and illustrated, and I found myself pulled into the world Ben finds himself trapped in. The book is captivating, and I strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in apocalypse, architecture, or just looking for something different to read. Jeff B

Things I Love & Learnt About  Outskirts of Vision by Nir Levie


Outskirts of Vision is a book about architecture, cities, the apocalypse and Ben, a young architect who is on a mission. Ben and his confidante, the city’s most violent and rebellious anarchist, take us on a journey about “cities,” buildings, roads, and streets…a journey of city planning mystery 🙂

Outskirts of a Vision is a graphic story unlike nothing else I have ever read…The plot is deep and enticing…it will force you into pondering about life and its ways… Nir Levie delivers an excellent story with great dialogue and complex notes so if you are looking for a light quick read, Outskirts of a Vision is not the book for you…I love the drawings also because they complement the story really well and they are beautiful yet simple… It really is an awesome book that will have you captive to its twists and turns…


Check it out 🙂

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