Waves Of Love by Lori Ann Mitchell Review #Promotion #Review


Waves of Love: Contemporary Romance (Beach Read Book 1) by Lori Ann Mitchell

Can love overcome an age difference of more than 10 years?

If you are looking for a good romance book…do not go any farther. Lori Ann Mitchell delivers a spicy love story that will have you smiling an dreaming in a world of sun, ocean, beaches, surfing, books, pastries, and love….

The story happens in sunny Florida where Sage, at 32 owns her own bookstore, a bookstore that she loves so much that she lives in an apartment above it… This is where she meets Derek, a young surfer who is also an author of a series of surfing travelogues. They are the heroes of this romance beautifully and skillfully written by Lori Ann Mitchell. Sage falls for a man 10 years younger…did she really find love? Can love overcome the age difference?

Waves of Love is a book that I enjoyed reading…I cannot wait for more books by Lori Ann Mitchell…

Check it out 🙂


I was born in Miami and as I became of age moved to the east coast and studied in one of the Ivy league schools.A few years later I became a senior partner in a major law firm located in New York City, my current residence and the best city in the world.

When I am not looking for love, I write about it.

The stories are based on my own experience; the men described are people I have actually met in other circumstances.

I use the pen name Lori Ann Mitchell (it rhymes with my real name) as I can’t reveal my true identity due to my career.


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