Gluten-Free Dining Out Cards – European Edition Review #triumphdining #review


If you think eating gluten-free should be easy and accessible, you’re in the right place… The Triumph Dining Cards have been battle-tested by tens of thousands of gluten-free consumers, so you can rest assured that each one is designed to make you an educated, confident, and powerful gluten-free consumer..

29 Things I Love & Learnt About the Gluten-Free Dining Out Cards – European Edition

  1. If you travel a lot or if you just like eating out a lot the Triumph Dining Out Cards will make your life so much easier…It has never been easier to explain your gluten-free diet to the restaurants…I have had many restaurant owners complimenting these cards and many decided to use them in their business 🙂
  2. They are laminated and portable…you can easily fit them in your purse or wallet
  3. You can order safely in ten languages: English, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Mexican), Thai, and Vietnamese…
  4. The cards are tailored to each cuisine. For example: Japanese card prohibits imitation crab, soy sauce, and tempura; Mexican card prohibits flour tortillas, etc. :)
  5. It takes the average chef just 1 minute to read and comprehend the card
  6. The Triumph Dining Cards allow diners to provide food service workers with the necessary information to make a Gluten-Free meal :)
  7. These cards explain the challenges of cross-contamination very well :)
  8. Triumph Dining Cards came up with the most comprehensive gluten-free restaurant guide in North America, with dining cards that help you order gluten free at restaurants where language barriers can make things even more difficult, and with a popular gluten-free grocery guide to help you find the groceries you need :)
  9. Triumph is a family-owned and operated company with offices in scenic Burlingame, CA !!!


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