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The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle: Young Adult Sport Games Fiction (Friendshiprs Self-Esteem & Motivation Collection Book 1) by A.D. Erving

 Do you dream, breath and play Basketball? The Dream Ten is a must read book series for every Basketball lover in the age of 7-13!

What is Dream Ten?? Very simple…David Malone and his friends get rejected by the prestigious Raymond Hills Warriors, their local club basketball team, so they form their own team, the Dream Ten! The book is full of basketball action as well as important lessons about overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and pulling together when it matters most.

The stories are fun, but what it’s so great about this book is that it is not just about basketball, Dream Ten teaches young kids to believe in themselves and dream big…it teaches of friendship and teamwork…

This book is truly a great read for children and young adults…Highly recommended.



A.D. ErvingA.D. Erving (Amir Doron) was born in August 1974, and has been a basketball fan his whole life. After playing four years of professional basketball overseas, Erving went on to coach the game for nine years, working with children and teenagers both on and off the court. Although he grew up a diehard Philadelphia 76ers fan, Erving’s allegiance has shifted in recent years to individual players who he admires. Some of his current favorites include Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Paul Pierce, and – of course – Stephen Curry. His absolute favorite player of all time, though, is Julius “Dr. J” Erving, who played for the 76ers. When A.D. Erving was seven years old, he met Dr. J in-person, and a picture of the two of them was published in the local paper. This encounter with his basketball idol is one of Erving’s all-time favorite memories.

Now in his thirties, A.D. Erving works as a content producer and businessman, in addition to his job as a children’s author. He enjoys writing and answering trivia questions, and even used to work as trivia writer for TV shows. In his spare time, he loves jogging, reading, watching basketball, and spending time with his wife and kids, who are six and two-and-a-half years old.

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