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Colon Cleanse 1800 Maximum Strength, Fennel Seed, Ginger Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthome Root, Licorice Root, Acidophilus, Acai, Cape Aloe, Oat Bran, and Flax Seed Oil – For Colon Cleanse Detox 60 Capsules

Holistic Solutions Colon Cleanse 1800 is full of all natural ingredients to make you look and feel great ! This product is a purifying and rigorous cleanse that removes waste matter from the digestive tract …The detoxifying process leaves you feeling healthy and fresh.


9 Things I Love & Learnt About the Colon Cleanse 1800 by Holistic Solutions

  1. Holistic Solutions Colon Cleanse 1800 is made only from all natural ingredients. This formula is a purifying cleanse that removes waste matter from the digestive tract and detoxifies your body. The greatest thing about it is that it does its job without having to run for the bathroom :)
  2.  It works… slowly your body has more energy and you just start feeling better because after a cleanse the digestive system becomes more effective in absorbing nutrients from what you eat…
  3. When you detox the body you free up your organs to function the way they should so this helps to give your immune system a boost since you’ll be able to absorb nutrients better
  4. You can also expect clearer, smoother skin at the end of your detox plan
  5. Research shows that colon cleanses assist in loosing weight by detoxifying our body. When you rid the body of waste matter you will experience an immediate drop in both weight and waist size…
  6. Stay well hydrated while on any detox program so 8 glasses of water in 24 hours should be on your priority list…
  7. This particular cleanse is extremely effective and should not be taken on a daily basis for more than a week.
  8. No Binders – No Fillers – No Artificial Ingredients :)
  9. The Holistic Solutions Colon Cleanse 1800 is made in the USA – GMP Certified Manufacturer


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