Dianna Forsberg Shares Ways to Celebrate the Season Without Packing on the Pounds


DALLAS (Dec. 4, 2014) – As the Holidays approach, unfortunately so does weight gain. From overeating at numerous celebratory events to the stress of shopping and spending time with family, those unwanted pounds can become the “Scrooge” of the holiday season. So that families can have a fun and fit holiday season without the stress of weight gain, award-winning bikini athlete and international fitness model Dianna Forsberg is sharing health and fitness tips that can keep the community healthy and fit way into the New Year.

“It is important to create a health and fitness plan that is both effective and flexible during the holiday season,” said Dianna Forsberg. “This is a great way to stay in shape, while also enjoying the spirit of the season.”

Forsberg suggests following the following strategies to avoid weight gain during the holidays:


  1. Exercise: Dedicate at least 30 minutes daily three times a week to prevent holiday pounds from sneaking up on you.
  2. Be flexible: With an abundance of holiday and office parties, it’s important to modify normal workout routines by making adjustmentsby doing things like waking up earlier for a morning workout or incorporating a small workout during the  lunch hour.
  3. Make early resolutions. Getting a jump start on your health and fitness New Year resolutions will help keep you on track during the holidays.
  4. Be prepared: Keep walking shoes in the car for impromptu workout opportunities. A brisk walk while shopping in the mall or around the office is better than getting no exercise at all.
  5. Cheat:It is the holidays so allow some cheat days, but do so with moderation.
  6. Freeze leftovers. Pack your favorite holiday treats in freezer bags and pull them out on your designated “cheat days.” Frozen leftovers can stay fresh for several months.
  7. High-Intensity Interval Training.  Muscle burns fat so when short on time at the gym, opt for a High-intensity interval training by using weights and weight machines.
  8. Combine exercise with holiday activities.Park farther away at the mall, speed walk while shopping, stretch in between cooking , walk around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights or play games that require movement on Wii and Xbox.
  9. Plan for Holiday Parties.Prepare for holiday parties by following normal eating routines to prevent overeating at the celebrations. During the party, eat low calorie foods like veggies, fruit and lean chicken, while also allowing yourself a sweet treat so that you can enjoy without overindulging.
  10. Weigh Yourself Weekly.This is the season to have a constant reality check to keep you on track.



2Dianna Forsberg is an international fitness model, award-winning bikini athlete and fitness spokesperson. Known for competing against the best and still holding her own, this beauty has the body and personal story that serves as inspiration for professional athletes and the everyday woman alike. After placing 5th in her first fitness competition, she became committed to the sport and today has over ten fitness competition awards and recognitions including 1st Place Masters at the “2014 Ronnie Coleman Classic,” 2nd Place Masters at the “2013 North American Championships”, 1st Place Masters at the “2013 NPC Dallas Europa” and Overall Champ for the “2012 NPC Oklahoma Battle of the Bodies”. As a health and fitness coach Forsberg customizes manageable eating plans and fitness routines for clients and as a fitness spokesperson, she shares health and fitness tips to an array of audiences.  She also serves as a work out buddy and fitness model coach. For additional information about Dianna Forsberg, please visit www.diannaforsberg.com


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