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What I Love & Learnt About Find Your Rhythm: feel your way to perfect wellness by Megha Mehta

Find Your Rhythm is a HOW-TO book on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Yes, achieving a healthy lifestyle seems hard, difficult, and confusing…almost impossible to accomplish.  There are many different philosophies out there to achieve this goal, yet none are simpler than the principle of listening to your own body…and this is what you are going to find in this book…Megha Mehta will show you how to actually get to perfect wellness in a fun and easy way by listening to your body. 

Find Your Rhythm outlines five basic principles to help you transform your mental and physical perceptions, happiness, interactions and view of one’s own self.

1)     Befriend Your Body: Understanding your body’s messages will help you make the correct decisions to achieve perfect wellness.

2)     Exercise to Energize Not to Exhaust: Working out obsessively to the point of exhaustion or out of guilt is ineffective and short lived…Exercising to feel great and look amazing will help you follow a healthy lifestyle without much effort 🙂

3)     Connect With Nature: The more we create time for being outdoors and close to nature the better our foundation will be, to listen to our bodies.

4)     Trust Your Own Feelings:When you imagine a specific choice, food, or lifestyle decision, you will be guided to the best option by choosing what feels right and relaxing for your body…

5)     Don’t Make Decisions Out of Fear: Make diet and lifestyle choices because you love yourself and your body

Following these simple principles helps us to make better decisions and create long lasting wellness… “Find Your Rhythm” is available at Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats and the MSRP is $14.95.


About the Author

Megha is the Founder of the The Balance Mantra and is a professionally trained Intuitive Health Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and author that helps people transform their lives and realize better health, spiritual wealth and happiness.

The Balance Mantra offers articles, podcasts, online programs and one-on-one sessions teaching nutrition, ancient lifestyle techniques, home remedies, yoga, Ayurveda wisdom, energy healing methods, angel card readings and more.

Megha’s first book, “Find Your Rhythm”, feel your way to perfect wellness, is available on and will show readers how by changing their perception, happiness, interactions and view of one’s own self, they can achieve a 360 degree transformation that can be really simple yet immensely profound.

Megha is trained in Yoga teaching for kids, families, babies, prenatal and postnatal needs from Tirisula Yoga, Birthlight UK and Rainbow Kids Yoga. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY (certified by the American Association of Drugless Practioners). She trained under Uwe Albrecht to learn how to use the Innerwise system of healing and the arm’s length test. Megha is also a certified Angel card reader, and Reiki and Kunlun practitioner. Megha has a Masters in Business Administration from the Singapore Management University; was born in Hyderabad India and currently resides in Singapore.

Learn more by viewing her upcoming tele-classes, Skype sessions and blog at her websiteFB, and Twitter.


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