WWE Power Series:Triple H Workouts Review & Giveaway #review #giveaway

WWE Power Series:Triple H

If you re looking for a workout system to obliterate fat, combat aches and pains, and build ripped, rock-hard muscle then you’ve met your match! Enter center ring and join WWE champion and Superstar legend Triple H for a total-body challenge that will change your life. Created by world-renowned strength coach Joe DeFranco, this powerful system includes upper-body, lower-body, cardio, and mobility workouts, as well as a 4-week calendar, to maximize strength, endurance, flexibility, and function with raw, no-nonsense exercises. Rumble with the best and build a chiseled body fit for the fight.

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9 Things I Love & Learnt About the WWE Power Series:Triple H

  1. WWE Power Series:Triple H DVD is a total body workout program hosted by 8-time WWE Champion and 5-time World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. You can get it on DVD and Digital HD December 2nd  from Lionsgate Home Entertainment !!
  2. You will get 6 workouts or 100 minutes of working out with Triple H :). All you need is a set of dumbbells that range from light to heavy.
  3. I highly recommend you to use the 4 week workout calendar included with the DVD :) It will increase your motivation when you get to see the results and the progress on the paper ;)
  4. Warm-up (6 min): You start with aerobic warm-ups to get blood to the tissue before doing any stretching to improve range of motion and avoid injury, You should never stretch a cold muscle 🙂
  5. Upper Body 1 (16 min): Dumbbell rows and Zot curls that use progressive reps will make you shed inches and lay down Superstar muscle.
  6. Upper Body 2 (18 min): Bodyweight and dumbbell exercises like high-tension planks and shoulder shockers will help you build both stamina and muscle.
  7. Lower Body (30 min): Killer moves like single-leg Romanian dead lifts to improve balance, function, and strength…
  8. Muscle-Building Cardio (12 min): Here you get some serious cardio to burn fat and build your endurance and stamina
  9. Mobility (14 min): DeFranco’s signature Agile 8 series of stretches and mobility drills will get you more flexible, will reduce soreness, and help you recover faster from workouts 🙂


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