Healthcare Made Easy: Answers to All of Your Healthcare Questions by Michelle Katz


Healthcare Made Easy: Answers to All of Your Healthcare Questions under the Affordable Care Act

An easy-to-understand guide to the Affordable Care Act!

Written by ABC World News‘ Real Money expert and healthcare advocate Michelle Katz, Healthcare Made Easy is the ultimate resource for understanding and navigating the Affordable Care Act. Using simple and easy-to-follow language, she answers many important questions about the ACA 🙂




“Michelle breaks down complicated laws and insurance regulations to make them understandable to everyone. She provides you with a road map to getting the best healthcare at the most affordable prices.” –Tavis Smiley, Author, Television and Radio Host

This book is a MUST Read for everybody because it applies to everybody…Healthcare Made Easy is also an excellent resource for business owners and for those that are self-employed 🙂 With easy to follow and simple language, Michelle Katz will show you the Ins and Outs of the Affordable Care Act. After I finished reading this book I felt empowered by the amount of knowledge and  understanding that I have gained in only two days 🙂

The first two parts of the book will explain how the Affordable Care Act affects you and how to choose the right healthcare plan for your needs. You will learn about the different types of healthcare plans and how to research your options for insurance… The last two parts of the book are going to show you how to use your health benefits wisely and how to control your healthcare costs. At the end of the book you will find pages of resources that will help you find out more information about everything that Michelle covered in her book.


About the Author


3Michelle Katz, MSN, LPN is a healthcare advocate, nurse, Real Money expert for ABC World News, and the author of Healthcare for Less and 101 Health Insurance Tips. She was a senior healthcare consultant at Arthur Andersen and consulted in the development of congressional healthcare legislation. Katz’s healthcare tips and advice have been featured on NBC’s Today Show, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Good Morning America, and World New Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

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