WIN Powers in a Teenage Witch by Ian Schrauth

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 Powers in a Teenage Witch - Ian Schrauth

WIN Powers in a Teenage Witch by Ian Schrauth

isbn: 9781494724078

language: English
format: ebook
categories: Fantasy
Selena Foneshmen is your average sixteen-year-old book author from Oxfordshire, UK, when her grandmother and mother inform her that she is a witch, Suprised as she is, she accepts the fact and travels to the distant planet of Saturn to learn how to fly a broom, how to Lucid Dream on command, and much more. And with the help of her bet freind, Megan. Selena has the time of her life, before she is informed that the deadly wizard, Nuxsums, is after her. Will she survive his fury? Or will she not? As told in Selena’s point of view, you will find out how she survives her freshman year at this school

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